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Business bankruptcy, IRS tax issues, Ohio tax issues and much more

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Business Bankruptcy

If you’re a small business or self-employed entrepreneur having money problems, Chapter 7 Liquidation in Bankruptcy Court is one potential solution or Chapter 13 which is a Re-Organization for the self- employed. However, there might also be an even better solution for you: Using general negotiation strategies, litigation, tax remedies or even Cash-Flow strategies.


If you’re having tax problems such as IRS Assessments, Levies, Liens or Garnishees, why buy local when you’re probably being overwhelmed by an avalanche of national companies with their advertising? Very often we can stop all IRS harassment. If appropriate, compromise offer, or an installment application can be filed. This short message is not legal advice.

Tax Ohio

Who do you call when the State of Ohio though the Department of Taxation or Bureau of Workers Compensation contacts you for an audit, sends you an assessment, puts on a lien on you or files a judgment against you? How do you respond to a request for a re-audit, or a re-assessment? Where do you get your legal advice when potentially an appeal or even an offer to compromise is appropriate?

Entrepreneurs and Business Start Ups

Entrepreneurs and first time business owners face many different challenges. Properly setting up the legal foundation for your protection while ensuring long term growth with the appropriate legal and governance structure will be critical for your ultimate success. During the earliest stages of your company’s development you will need more legal services compared to several years after you start the company.

Business Protection

How does a lawyer wreck your business? By being too conservative, too aggressive, too careful, too risky, too slow, or any other too that happens when you don’t have good communication and a well conceived and thought out plan.

Electronic Wills

With the popularity of social media along with its tremendous growth – you probably never thought that you might need to consider having an Electronic Will. A regular Will provides for the carrying-out of your wishes when you are no longer here. However, there is at least one thing about you that will live on just as you left it – and that’s your electronic footprint on the Internet. Your pictures, comments, likes and posts will continue to live well past your departure in the CLOUD. Do you want your social media sites to remain, to be taken-down, turned-into a memorial, or bequeathed to the control of someone else? Your Electronic Will, can spell this out.

Simple Estate Plan

There are FOUR Important Reasons to have at least a simple estate plan. First – you should consider written instructions that will clearly spell out how you want to be cared for if your health deteriorates to the point where you are unable to speak for yourself. Second, your Estate Plan details how you want your final wishes to be carried-out; Third, your Estate Plan should detail the specifics needed to ease the financial burden left to your loved ones. Finally, if needed, your Simple Estate Plan is the document where you would appoint a guardian for children.

Four Non-Tax Reasons to Create a Trust

Did you know there are at least four important reasons to Add a TRUST to your estate Plan? ONE – If you’re alone and become sick, you need to have a plan in place to make sure you are well taken care of. TWO – If you’re self-employed, provision must be made to provide for the continuation or the transition of your business. THREE – If you’re in a non-traditional family, you need language in your trust to make sure that the status of being married or not being married doesn’t control your outcome. And FOUR – If you’re in a traditional family with special concerns, for example, A Second Marriage, an Estranged child, or a special needs child, you need to take the appropriate actions to make sure that your wishes are not trumped (superceded) by others.


Did you know that probate court is the supervised process of both protecting and settling your estate? Although a Will is a good idea, having a Will does not necessarily prevent a Probate proceeding from occurring. Advanced legal planning, through properly prepared deeds, designated beneficiary provisions, and the wise use of trusts most of the time can help to avoid probate.