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Slammed by Tax Problems?

If you have an IRS or Ohio tax assessment, lien or seizure, we have a track record of obtaining successful outcomes which may include negotiation, litigation, innocent spouse application, installment payment plans, settlements or compromises.

Find help stopping levies, liens and tax seizures.

Tax problems are too serious to ignore, especially when help is available. You have options that put you in charge. With my experience and knowledge, my primary goal is to protect your rights and take decisive action on your behalf to protect your interests. Together we can decide what is best for you, and options include: The installment payment plan, Tax Transcript analysis, Offer in Compromise, Collection Appeals and Due Process Appeals, and Bankruptcy analysis. Sometimes, Bankruptcy provides important tax loopholes not otherwise found and at the Cohen Law Offices both tax and bankruptcy evaluations are available.

Be wary of national advertisers who make big promises from off-shore.

Be wary of “national services” who pair you with people that you can’t meet and make promises that can’t be kept. Consider your alternatives by considering who is really working for you and ASK ABOUT TAX PROCEDURES:

What’s a Tax Appeal?
If you do not agree with the results of a state or IRS examination of your tax return, you may appeal. You also may appeal penalties, levies, liens & seizures.

What’s a Collections Due Process Appeal?
Government is required to be able to justify any “taking” from you. If you have received any notices warning about a “taking” you have a limited time to appeal.

What’s an Offer in Compromise?
It an offer to the IRS to pay only a small part of a tax debt.

What does Bankruptcy have to do with Taxes?
Important loopholes in the individuals favor now permit some types of taxes to be discharged (that is, forgiven) in some types of bankruptcy.

How do I find out what is best for me?
Contact the Cohen Law Offices for an appointment