Ohio Probate Checklist and Tips for Executors.

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When taking care of the affairs of a loved one who has passed, an executor needs a checklist of things to take care of outside of probate proceedings. For instance, a number of agencies may need notification and  here is list of the  common one but not every one of these will apply to your situation:  1. Social Security Administration; 2. Veteran’s Administration (if the decedent  formerly served in the military); 3. Defense Finance and Accounting Service (military service retiree receiving benefits); 4. Office of Personnel Management (if the decedent is a former federal civil service employee); 5. U.S. Citizen and Immigration Service (If the decedent was not a U.S. citizen); 6. State (OHIO) Department of Motor Vehicles (If the decedent had a driver’s license); 7. Credit card and merchant card companies; 8. Banks, savings and loan associations and credit unions; 9. Mortgage companies and lenders; 10. Financial planners and stock brokers; 11. Pension providers; 12. Life insurers and annuity companies; 12. Health, medical and dental insurers; 13. Disability insurers; 14. Automotive insurer; 15. Mutual benefit companies; 16. All three credit reporting agencies: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion; 17. Any memberships held by the decedent (ex: health clubs, professional associations, clubs, library etc.) ; 18. You can also list the decedent on the Deceased Do Not Contact List, maintained by the Direct Marketing Association, which is a service that removes the decedent from all direct mailing lists; and 19. Your estate planning attorney. Lloyd Cohen, Attorney at Cohen Law Offices (614) 444-4211 www.LloydCohen.Com knows probate  and serves Ohio counties of Franklin, Union, Delaware, Licking, Muskingum, Fairfield, Pickaway, Fayette and Madison; plus cities of Columbus, Marysville, Delaware, Newark, Zanesville, Lancaster, Circleville, London, Washington CH, and Grove City.


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