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From small business protections to estate planning

Striving to provide dependable advice, decisive action, experienced representation, and personal service.

We are experienced to serve a wide range of business, estate, tax, bankruptcy and animal law issues, including matters such as trusts and probate, business regulation and start-ups, or asset protection and debt matters from the modest to the complex.

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Business Disputes and Business Protection.

Appropriately aggressive representation of your interests in disputed situations. Thoughtful and responsive support for business solutions. Help for start-up and wind-down companies. Value pricing and monthly retainer agreements available. We support proprietors and entrepreneurs because my business is small business…More


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Estate Planning and Probate.

Advance Directives, Trusts and Estate Planning for the living, protecting assets, business, family, children and self, including electronic or social media provisions. You are kept in charge of the choices with caring and sensitive representation. If necessary, prompt and efficient probate administration…More


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Tax Assessments, Levies and Compromises.

If you have been slammed by an IRS or Ohio tax assessment, lien or seizure, we have a track record of obtaining successful outcomes which may include negotiation, litigation, innocent spouse application, installment payment plans, settlements or compromises…More


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Bankruptcy and Debt Resolution.

Focusing on more complicated matters or cases in which individual attention or sensitivity is sought, especially business or high net worth situations and evaluation of non-bankruptcy debt resolutions alternatives. We have a track record of Trustee or creditor defenses and litigation…More


Animal Law

Animal Law Issues.

Resolving legal issues and situations in which the nature of animals, including their legal status, behavior or biology, is an important factor including Canine or Equine ownership, harboring or showing issues. Animal law includes conflict resolution by mediation…More