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The following represents only a small sample of testimonials and experiences volunteered by past clients. Many of these were sent to Attorney Lloyd D. Cohen of The Cohen Law Offices as “thank you” notes. We thank our clients for expressing their trust in us.

“Would highly recommend Lloyd D. Cohen and staff for the service, understanding, and help they give cannot be matched. Everyone was very friendly, professional, helpful, and easy to work with. You made a very stressful time easier to get through.”

“Very efficient, organized and knowledgeable. After reviewing some of my past issues, I decided to write you a note of appreciation for all that you have done for me over the past few years. When I first came to you I was impressed with how you handled my case with such professionalism and warmth. I was confident that whatever the outcome, you would do the best you could for me. Thankfully everything worked out for the best and you and your staff’s kindness was immeasurable. Both you and Debra handled my case with the utmost of professionalism and sensitivity. The end result was in my favor and there were no worries. It has been a real pleasure doing business with you, as you have always been readily available to answer questions and to address any concerns that I may have. You have continually gone out of your way to make things easier for me. I just wanted to let you know that not only are you a gentleman, but you are the quintessential professional.”

“Thank you Lloyd for the kind words, I truly appreciated the time and believe me when I say “your assistance did make a difference.”

“The amount of understanding that is given to your situation is more than satisfactory.  Would highly recommend Lloyd D. Cohen and staff for there is nothing that you are uncomfortable or unhappy with.  The service, understanding, and help they give cannot be matched.”

“Debra and Attorney Cohen are exceptional at what they do.  They took the time to explain everything to us so that you understand everything and they both are very knowledgeable.  We thank you both very much.”

“I had a very good experience with all of matters which were handled professionally and well organized and in a timely manner, You and Debra were friendly and were interested with my concerns and paid attention to all details that made my case run smoothly.  Thank you both.”

“Organized, respectful and knowledgeable, it is a great firm.”

“Mr. Cohen had a high level of knowledge and experience.”

“Very good explanation of procedures by Debra and I was very comfortable during visits.  Both attorney and Deborah were organized, respectful, and knowledgeable.”

“Very kind and honest advice.  We wish we didn’t need to be here, but, we glad we’re here!”

“Deborah and Lloyd are “real people”, friendly, personable from the hospitality to advice.  Communication was always open and timely.  Lloyd prepared me as to what to expect.  Both writing and calling me to come to the office to take care of papers was good.  Thank you both for taking the time to care for even the small details. I appreciated Lloyd and Deborah’s natural, unpretentiousness demeanor.”

“Very good explanation of procedure by Debra. I was very comfortable during office visits with both Attorney Cohen and Debra. Thank you both for all of your help and understanding.  God Bless.”

“I like this Law Firm because the people are very nice, friendly, and professional.  Attorney Cohen explained everything so that I could understand it all. Everything was handled promptly and office runs like a tight ship!  I would recommend anyone to this firm. Thank you for all of your help and understanding.”

“We’re treated as people, not another paycheck or number. We really feel like we have someone in our corner.  Filing in court was so terrifying and embarrassing, but, this office really cares and made it a little less scary without filling our heads with false promises.  Thank you.”

“Filing bankruptcy was so terrifying and embarrassing, but, this office really cares and made it a little less scary without filling our heads with false promises. Mr. Cohen was very knowledgeable and kind and explained everything to us with kindness.  Mrs. Cohen was very helpful and patient with us the whole time.  You both work very well together and are very kind understanding people.  Your office is clean, neat, and organized.  Thank you both for everything.”

“It was my mom who recommended Cohen. Filing bankruptcy was so scary, depressing and confusing but this office made it easier without giving us a bunch of bull-like lies of how easy it would be.”

“I always felt so much better about everything after meeting with Mr. Cohen. Staff was very thorough and efficient which was very important to me.”

“I like this Law Firm because the people are very nice and friendly.”

“In a difficult situation you were kind & offered solutions.”


“Feels like we are visiting old friends”

“This Law Firm went above the call to help my case, and I’m truly grateful. Thanks to all of you.”

“We feel safe; they’re on our side unlike other offices that see us as a number & cash cow.”

“Just a note, Attorney and Mrs. Cohen to thank you again for straightening out our financial lives and giving us another chance.  I call your professionalism a true form of TOUGH LOVE! We wish all good things for you professionally as you rescue those who need you…”




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A lawer that really works for you

It is refreshing to find an attorney that you feel is really working for you and not himself. I was impressed with the total dedication and follow through of my case in a timely manner. Attorney Cohen did what he promised to do and got the results I was looking for.