Business Disputes and Protection

The best way to handle to legal disputes is to prevent them!

My Business Is Small Business

Finally, a lawyer who actually helps you make money because he listens, considers, and acts as part of your team; giving appropriately aggressive representation of your interests in disputed situations but providing thoughtful and responsive support for business solutions with value pricing and monthly retainer agreements available.

Business Disputes

At the Cohen Law Offices, we do not shy away from Court and that reputation makes a difference to client outcomes. We also are keen to confer with our client at the outset to identify the goals of litigation or dispute resolution so as to keep steady aim on effective and efficient obtainment of objectives. So, whether you need a backup for aggressive or strategic negotiation, or whether you need an experienced trial counsel who is willing to go to court, we have a track record of experience and accomplishment standing behind service to you.

Business Protection

In order to get the most value from legal services, you need to have a relationship with a lawyer who understands your business and is familiar with you. It is also important that your lawyer be an experienced trusted advisor who can render accurate and objective advice with a level of involvement appropriate for your business. We have a track record of excellent work and satisfied clients and we provide a wide range of business legal services. Both, comprehensive flat fee packages and unbundled services are available. But what makes us stand out is that we not only support the business but we want to support you.

Ask for our WHITE PAPER showing how the basic business protection bundle saves you money and makes you money while providing a good foundation on which your business can grow!

Business Start-ups

We provide a wide range of business legal services to start-up companies. Both, comprehensive flat fee packages and unbundled services are available. Whatever the arrangement, we work closely with each client and with each new start-up business from organization to operation while handling the necessary business transactions or business litigation matters that start-up business face; counseling clients regarding important decisions that keep you in charge and in control.

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