Small Business Bankruptcy Services

Protecting your small business in Columbus, Ohio

No Need to Drown In a Sea of Debts

“No Need to Drown In a Sea of Debts”™

“No need to drown in a sea of debt”™

We focus on the more complicated matters or cases in which individual attention or sensitivity is sought; especially business or high net worth situations and evaluation of non-bankruptcy debt resolutions alternatives. We have a track record of Trustee or creditor defenses and litigation.

If you are having Money Problems then Bankruptcy can be a solution

Bankruptcy is about starting over and there is life after bankruptcy and relief can include: Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13, but be wary of the high – volume outfits who may treat you like a number instead of a person!

Be wary of the national advertisers and high volume mills

If you find that your problems may be too complex or involved for the inexperienced or the high volume counsel. If you want a real lawyer to actually represent you, then call because during a consultation at the Cohen Law Office you will talk to an attorney.

We bring, real competence and sensitivity to you

For over thirty years, Lloyd Cohen not only gained experience but earned the recognition of being board certified in consumer bankruptcy law by the American Board of Certification. Having worked on both business and consumer cases, his experience now goes way past that.

Non-Bankruptcy Debt Resolution is Sometimes a Better Alternative

Sometimes a bankruptcy action is not a good fit or its filing risks the loss of assets or creates a stigma that can’t be overcome. Other times it’s just not the best alternative. Because we treat clients as individuals, we can discuss all of your alternatives including debt defense, negotiation or work-out as an alternative to more drastic action. Other times, strong response like the filing of truth in lending or other predatory loan defenses or even foreclosure or tax defenses may be more appropriate. Let’s analyze your overall asset protect strategies!

How do I find out what is the best fit for me?
Contact the Cohen Law Offices for an appointment.