Animal Law Services

Animal dispute resolution and mediation in Columbus, Ohio

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What is Animal Law?
Animal Law is a distinct legal discipline centered upon resolving legal issues and situations in which the nature of animals, including their legal status, behavior or biology, is an important factor including Canine or Equine ownership, harboring or showing issues. Animal law includes conflict resolution by mediation.

Animal LawAnimal Dispute Resolution and Mediation
In Animal Dispute Resolution we focus on the needs of our clients involved in an animal conflict before they resort to litigation, believing that the use of mediation and collaborative methods are the finest means of resolving animal conflicts with the goal of having an atmosphere in which conflicts over animals can be resolved with minimal pain and suffering for the parties and the animals, striving for win-win outcomes in situations such as: Family Conflicts, Estate Matters, Landlord/Tenant, Veterinarian, Groomer, Trainer, Breeder, or Handler.

Animal Law Litigation
When mediation is not successful, litigation can be available for matters that can include: Cruelty, Custody, Lost Stolen or Seized Pets, Dog Bites and Animal Attacks, Veterinary Malpractice, Vicious Dog, and response to Governmental Actions.

Animal Commercial or Planning Law
Drafting and Representation in Contracts or in Estates Planning including matters such as: Term Pet Protection, Pet Trusts, Purchase or Sale Contracts, and Breed Club or Rescue Group Organization.

Have an Animal law Issue or Question?
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